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CNC Machining Central

If your interest is improving CNC processes start here, whether you are a job shop or a Fortune 500 company.

• Change parts faster on a dedicated fixture (chip to chip)
• Reduce set-up time between jobs
• Reduce scrap
• Higher accuracy
• Hold parts better
• More parts per cycle

Explore the ways we can help you increase productivity in your shop and help you with lean manufacturing. We can reduce your downtime, which means money in your pocket.

• Hydraulic, pnueumatic swing clamps, work supports
• CNC Precision Machine Vises


If you would like to see what can be done to improve stamping operations start here.

Hilma provides state-of-the-art quick die change systems in both hydraulic and magnetic systems.


Hilma hydraulic quick die change systems

• Customized to your press, and your needs
• Optimum selection of clamping positions
• Full range of clamps, lifters, hollow piston cylinders, pumps and control panels.


Hilma magnetic quick die change systems

• Clamps existing dies without retooling
• Universally clamps dies of many different shapes, sizes and weights
• Clamping times between 2 and 3 seconds.


Plastic Injection, Compression Molding

Hilma’s unique M-TECS 130 magnetic clamping system provides these benefits:


Hilma's M-TECs 130 (max 266°F - or more as a special)

• Designed especially for use on plastic injection mold machines
• Our long pole technology uses double magnets to provide up to 20% more clamping force over square pole technology
• Mold changes in a single-minute exchange time.


Double-Acting Wedge Clamps for Straight-Edge Tools

• Mechanical locking with hydraulic assist
• No special machining required
• Three sizes, with clamping forces from 5,625 to 22,500 lbs.

Rubber Molding and Duraplastics

Hilma’s unique M-TECS 210 magnetic clamping system, uniquely designed for the high temperatures of rubber molding and duraplastics processing.


Hilma's M-TECs 210 (max 410°F - or more as a special)

• Designed for the high temperatures of rubber and duraplastics processing
• Increased flexibility – no modification of molds is necessary
• Mold changes in a single-minute exchange time.


Carr Lane Roemheld has an assortment of linear actuators and modular units for various assembly applications. Find the best products here for your specific needs.

Electric or Hydraulic

Linear Actuators

• Control, adjust and move with your choice of electric (12 VDC or 24 VDC) or hydraulic linear actuators.

Manually Operated, Hydraulic Assist

Modular Units

Combine a variety of modules in numerous ways to meet your assembly and handling needs.
• Choose from rotating horizontal or vertical axis, tilting, lifting, cart or floor modules
• A variety of accessories are available, including plates, clamps and tables

Innovative Clamping Solutions from Carr Lane Roemheld.
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