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Quick Mold Change
For The Plastics Industry

"I can now change 40 tools in the time it takes (the competition) to change one."
-- President of a Leading East Coast Plastics Manufacturing Plant

"Safety has increased 100-fold."
-- Senior Mold Designer

In a quest to achieve Just In Time production and increase both injection mold availability and safety levels during mold changeover, this well-known manufacturer chose a HILMA Quick Change System. Our engineers worked with the company to design a mold change system that met those goals and also reduced inventory and labor requirements.

Before implementing the HILMA system, a 2,000-pound mold changeover required:

  • Two employees
  • A tow motor
  • A stepladder
  • Up to four man-hours of labor.
Previous Mold Change: 245 Minutes

After the installation, the same procedure required:

  • One employee
  • Less than five minutes.
Quick Mold Change: 2 Minutes

See below for application photos and further information on HILMA Quick Mold Change products. Click for molding machines application examples.

HILMA Mold Clamp and Roller System

A HILMA mold clamp and roller system is installed on this 300-ton injection molding machine. The mold can be loaded by rolling it into the far side of the machine onto the custom mold roller set. It is then securely held in place with the HILMA clamps.

HILMA Wedge Clamps - Click for More

The lower clamps are shown mounted on a custom-designed mold roller set. The clamp heads are retracted, as shown, during mold loading. With the molds in place, the clamp heads extend out, then straight down onto the mold backplate while the clamp mechanically locks with an internal wedge mechanism.

Molding Machines Application Examples

More on Hilma Mold Change Products

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