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Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co. is a joint venture that unites the Old World craftsmanship of Roemheld GmbH, top German workholding manufacturer, with Carr Lane Mfg. Co., America's premier tooling supplier. Since 1982, Carr Lane Roemheld has supplied all of North America with engineered hydraulic clamping and quick tool change systems -- backed by responsive service and technical support. Read on or visit our home page or our Spanish page for more.

Used primarily in the automotive, aerospace and appliance markets, Carr Lane Roemheld products present a variety of high-quality machine tool accessories and workholders that increase manufacturing productivity. Close cooperation in design, engineering and manufacturing between the venture companies results in continuous development and improvement of the expanding product selection.

We invite you to contact us with any questions about your applications. We welcome the opportunity to help you manufacture in the most productive way possible -- with the world's most dependable and complete power workholding and quick tool change lines.


Carr Lane Manufacturing was founded in 1952 in St. Louis, Missouri, and has become a world leader for standard tooling components, including quick change tooling plates / accessories, tooling components, toggle clamps, hoist rings, pins, knobs, plungers, and more. The company's 720-page catalog is recognized as a vital product source for manufacturing engineers. 


Drawing upon a centuries-old tradition of fine craftsmanship in metalworking, the Roemheld family began its operations in Laubach, Germany in 1870. Development of hydraulic workholding components began in the early 1960s and the Roemheld name soon grew to dominate the European market. In May 1991 HILMA joined the Roemheld GmbH Group with a focus on workholding systems, as well as die, mold and tool clamping systems for presses, die casting, injection molding and compression molding machines.


Carr Lane Roemheld provides a full selection of state-of-the-art, air and hydraulically powered components and accessories. More than 80 different types of power workholding devices are available, allowing you to speed up and streamline many manual workholding operations. Compact, yet able to operate comfortably at 7,500 psi, power workholding products include flexible clamping systems, swing clamps, push clamps and cylinders, work supports, coupling systems, collet vises and many other workholding items.

Carr Lane Roemheld offers a wide assortment of precision machine vises for nearly any application. Fully hydraulic and hydra-mechanical versions of these vises provide the strong, consistent clamping force required for high-speed machining, and significantly reduce operator fatigue. These robust and durable machine vises offer excellent vibration damping and dimensional stability, as well as leakfree operation with internal hydraulics that deliver clamping forces up to 22,500 lbs. Versatile, compact flexible fixturing systems provide fast action when used individually or in more complex fixtures. These space-saving clamps are available in multiple configurations and sizes suitable for short or long production runs.


Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co. offers the latest in dependable, productivity-enhancing products for quick tool change operations. These systems are universally adaptable and permit safe, rapid changeover to new production lots.

These products are suitable for use in:

Pressworking shops experience less downtime, even with frequent die changes, with HILMA automatic die clamping systems. The full die change line includes a variety of clamps, cylinders and associated components. Clamping systems for quick mold change enable just-in-time production with greatly reduced mold change times and reduced labor costs. Our magnetic and hydraulic clamping systems are designed specifically for plastic and rubber injection and compression mold machines. HILMA hydraulic wedge clamping systems suit the adverse conditions of forging, while providing high clamping forces and minimizing press downtime.


Carr Lane Roemheld provides Zero Point Mounting Systems, which greatly reduce fixturing time, reducing the average changeover time to just 20 seconds.

Carr Lane Roemheld provides a wide range of items for workholding and quick tool change, with state-of-the-art products for each industry we serve.


Carr Lane Roemheld now provides Linear Actuators and Modular Units, which increase productivity in assembly operations.

Innovative Clamping Solutions from Carr Lane Roemheld include a wide range of items for workholding, assembly, and quick tool change, with state-of-the-art products for each industry we serve.

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